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February 22, 2022

The Township of Manitouwadge is gearing up to offer an exciting new initiative!  At the December 8, 2021 Council Meeting, Council received and approved the staff recommendation to engage GFL Environmental Inc. to provide waste management and recycling services for the Township of Manitouwadge.  Naturally, there will be some changes to how the Township manages our waste collection schedule -- rest assured that Township staff are committed to assisting residents during this transition.


The change in the waste collection service will begin Monday April 4, 2022. The change will affect residential service only, at this time.


Commercial dumpster pickup will continue to be completed every Friday by the Township.  Our goal is to offer recycling for businesses in the coming months, once the recycling process has been finalized.

Below you will find some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) to help you in this process:


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  1. This is the first I am hearing of this.  Did the Township discuss recycling prior?
  • During the Strategic Planning discussions held in May 2021 and Public engagement in July of 2021, residents and Council agreed that a goal was to encourage environmental practices to be efficient with available resources. Council identified the following priorities: Update Landfill Monitoring Report; Investigate Recycling Options; Public Consultation on Landfill Use Requirements.  These priorities include reviewing and expanding services offered at the Landfill Site, including: recycling, increased hours of operation, and improvements to the waste management system. Once the Strategic Plan was approved by Council in August of 2021, staff started the process of investigating bringing recycling to Manitouwadge.  In December of 2021, by Resolution of Council, GFL was awarded the contract to provide those services.


  1. When will GFL start operations in Manitouwadge?
  • Our new service will commence Monday, April 4, 2022 for residential properties only.


  1. How much will this cost and will my taxes increase?
  • As per the Council Report of December 8, 2021, the cost for GFL services is an increase of about $300,000 over what we currently budget for garbage collection service but it also includes recycling and landfill consultation services.  With respect to increasing taxes, the Township utilizes the taxpayer revenue to repair, improve and provide new services to the residents of Manitouwadge.  Staff review budgets monthly to ensure we are fiscally responsible.  When it comes time for the annual budget approvals, staff put forward a very streamlined and conservative budget.  It is up to Council to approve the request made by staff after public consultation.  Taxes may go up or down depending on the needs of the community.


  1. Why are we doing this?
  • The Township of Manitouwadge is committed to extending the usable life of our landfill site. By removing the excess material that can be recycled, we are able to add years of use to our current landfill site.
  • The estimated cost to construct a new landfill site (not including the Environmental Assessment or purchase of land for a new site) is approximately $15 million dollars to construct a new facility the same size as our existing one. It can also take over a decade to obtain the required federal and provincial approvals for the construction of a new landfill site, with those costs being unknown. There is also no guarantee the site chosen for the new landfill will be approved with the changes that have been made to a number of Provincial Acts.
  • In 2021 the province announced changes to its Blue Box Recycling Program and that recycling will be mandatory for all Ontario municipalities by 2023, regardless of their size. Additionally, the province has indicated that the cost for recycling will be the responsibility of the producer, not municipalities. Ensuring the Township has a recycling process in place better positions the Township to take advantage of funding and incentives that may be offered with these upcoming changes.


  1. What about the Township’s Public Works staff that has been providing this service?
  • Prior to the December 8, 2021 Council meeting, Public Works staff were consulted on the proposal to have GFL Environmental Inc., not only provide the recycling but to assume residential waste collection as well. Public Works staff endorsed this measure which allows our hard working crew to work on other tasks within the Municipality that require attending.
  • There will be no lay-offs or job losses as a result of contracting the garbage collection service.


  1. Will my garbage pickup day change?
  • Yes, all residential garbage will now be collected on Monday’s.


  1. When will my recycling be collected?
  • Residential recycling collection will occur on Monday’s along with your regular garbage pickup.


  1. When do I need to have my garbage and recycling at the curb?
  • All garbage and recycling is to be placed at the curb no earlier than 6 am on collection day or later than 8 am. Items placed after 8 am may not be collected. (Monday).


  1. Under the current Township Bylaw, garbage is to be in a bin. Has this changed?
  • No, it has not. All garbage is to be placed in a garbage bag and placed into either a tipper bin or regular garbage bin with a lid that closes (bags are to weigh no more than 40lbs each).  The Township will be updating the Bylaw detailing the number of garbage containers permitted at the curb each collection day.  It is anticipated the Bylaw will be updated in April of 2022.


  1. Is there a limit to how much recycling I can put to the curb?
  • No, there is no limit to how much recycling you can place at the curb provided you follow the recycling guidelines (e.g. placed in clear or blue see-through plastic bags, card board bundled, etc.).


  1. How do I place my recycling at the curb?
  • Unlike garbage collection that is to be in a container, recycled material is to be placed in a see-through plastic blue or clear bag.


  1. Why are bags being used for recycling and not bins?
  • That is a great question. While bins would be ideal, to start the program we are utilizing bags.  This will be monitored and discussed with GFL to see what improvements can be made in the program.


  1. What can I recycle?

The Township will be recycling most items (excluding glass). For information on the different classes of plastics (#1 - #7) please check out this website ( Currently our new recycling program is set up for the following:


  • Paper – In a see-through blue or clear recycling bag place: newspapers, flyers, junk mail, magazines, paperbacks, fine paper, paper food and beverage cartons (egg cartons), boxboard such as cereal boxes etc. Cardboard must be flattened.
  • Plastics/metals – In a see-through blue or clear recycling bag place: pop cans, milk cartons, juice boxes, tetra packs, metal cans, aluminum foil, etc., and all classifications of plastic containers (#1 - #7) (e.g. drink bottles, soap bottles, salad and fruit containers, laundry detergent, etc.).  Containers must be rinsed of any liquid or food residue (labels can remain on the containers).  If possible, please place plastics in one bag and metals in a separate bag.
  • Cardboard – For larger cardboard items (e.g. large cereal boxes, shoe boxes, delivery boxes, etc.), break them down into a pile no larger than 36 inches by 36 inches and no larger than 36 inches high and secure the pile with twine or place them inside a cardboard box.


  1. Where does the recycled material go?
  • The recycling will be transported to the Manitouwadge Landfill Site where the bags will be placed in transport containers.
  • Once the containers at the landfill site are full, GFL collects them and transports them to their processing facility in Thunder Bay. This is all part of the agreement between the Township and GFL.


  1. I have an issue with my collection service who do I call?
  • Any concerns related to your waste and recycling collection service will still be directed to the Township of Manitouwadge and we will contact GFL accordingly. Contact information is provided at the end of the document.


  1. It is not collection day but I have garbage or recycling to dispose of, can I still bring things to the landfill?
  • Yes, by all means. Recycling material, provided it is the see-through bags is free to bring to the landfill and dispose of in the transport bins supplied by GFL.  This are included in our agreement and there will be signage at the landfill directing residents to the recycling area.  With respect to garbage or larger items, there will be no change to the current landfill pass system.


  1. Collection day falls on a holiday, what happens?
  • This will happen on more than one occasion during the year. The present plan is that the first day after the holiday, your garbage will be collected.  Please ensure to review the Township’s website for any changes to your regular collection information.


  1. Where can I get my landfill pass?
  • Passes are available at local retailers NAPA and 2 Doors Down.


  1. When is the landfill site open?
  • Residents and business owners are encouraged to check the official Township of Manitouwadge website and social media platforms for the most current hours of operation and any closures of the landfill site. Our website will be updated in the near future to better align with our new service delivery.


  1. I have batteries or other electronic waste, what do I do?
  • Currently, the Township has a collection location at the Public Works yard at 13 Sault Road. There are containers located outside of the gate and can be accessed 24/7.  Please place your electronic waste in these containers.


  1. Last year the Township stopped taking tires at the landfill site, will you start taking tires again?
  • The Township has resumed accepting regular passenger vehicle and recreation vehicle tires at our landfill. Please note that all tires must be off the rims before they will be accepted.   We do not accept commercial tires (e.g. transport truck, heavy equipment, etc.)


These FAQs will be updated as new questions arise.


We understand that residents will need time to adjust to our new collection and recycling program. The Township is here to help in anyway we can.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns, and for the most accurate and current information, residents are welcome and encouraged to e-mail us at or call Public Works at 807-826-3227 ext. 230.


Darren MacKenzie, C.Tech., rcsi, ENV SP

Director of Public Works and Facilities

Township of Manitouwadge