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Retirement in Manitouwadge

Welcome to Manitouwadge – where the environment is clean and housing is affordable! Manitouwadge is in the midst of the boreal forest, offering the enjoyment of outdoor living right from your doorstep.

The many outdoor pursuits that those in Manitouwadge get to enjoy, encourages active living which creates a quality of life second to none.

Round that off with the many social and recreational options available, along with a full range of comprehensive medical services, means that making Manitouwadge your home can only be a win.

The winters can be cold but many in Manitouwadge don’t let that get them down! Most still enjoy the great outdoors or there are those that will hunker down with a craft or hobby. A strong social and recreational presence also keeps away the winter blues.

The Golden Age Centre hosts senior programming throughout the year and is an important fixture within the senior community. They are always welcoming new members!

A great number of senior residents have lived in Manitouwadge since shortly after its inception – proving that it is a great place to call home.

The sense of community in Manitouwadge is its greatest appeal. Ask anyone, Manitouwadge is a small town with a big heart.