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Manitouwadge Skatepark

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Welcome to the new Manitouwadge Skatepark!

This poured-in-place skatepark has 1100 square meters of skate-able terrain!

Designed by Newline Skateparks and the youth of Manitouwadge, the park was built by Radius Construction – skatepark builders in August 2019.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, there is something for everyone. So grab your helmet, skateboard or scooter, bmx bike or roller blades and come on out and have some fun!

Features include:

  • 4’ Cantilever Turnaround Bank
  • Flat Bar Rail
  • Flat Ledge
  • 5’ – 6” Quarter Pipe
  • Combination Manual Pad & Flat Ledge
  • 5’ – 6” Curved “Taco” Transition
  • Mini Launch Ramp & Rock Gap
  • Bank and Handrail
  • 3’ – 6” Hip Quarter Pipe
  • Bump to Flat Ledge
  • Hubba Ledge
  • Spine