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Media Release – Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw Update

News & Notices Public Notices Media Release – Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw Update
November 11, 2021

November 11, 2021

Manitouwadge, ON – The Township of Manitouwadge is undertaking an update of their Official Plan and Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw and residents are invited to participate in the
Community Exploration and Town‐Shaping activities throughout November & December.

In taking the new Manitouwadge Strategic Plan and its Vision Statement to the next level, the
results of these activities will be used to update the Official Plan and Comprehensive Zoning By‐
Law: both of which guide the physical development of and how land is used in the Township
(outside of Crown Land) for the next 25 years. For example: Do we have enough space for the
Manitouwadge you envision? Are there physical barriers? Are there zoning barriers? What
trends do you see in the future? Should there be land designated for the use you need/want?
What needs protecting?

Have Your Say!

In addition to the activities listed on, you can get involved simply by
contacting the Township Office if you prefer non‐Internet or paper‐based involvement. Email:,, or call: 826‐3227 ext: 223.

Manitouwadge, you have done incredible things in the last two years to create a vibrant and
complete community! Please consider taking the time to participate and to keep the positive
energy growing!


For Media Inquiries please contact:
Florence MacLean, CAO
807‐826‐3227 x 236

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