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The system consists of five wells, a treatment plant, and 900,000 gallon reservoir, 21 km of water main, 1,250 water service connections, and 136 fire hydrants. Service pumps operate in a programable logic control relay sequence to meet distribution system pressure and flow demands with firm pumping capacity to meet the peak hour demand for a 20 year design population of 6,000 persons.

Waste Water Works

Collection system has 19 km gravity sewer mains collecting from 1,220 sewer lateral connections to a pumping station located between the old High School and the old Trailer Park. Two very large pumps push everything through 3.5 km of force main to sewage lagoons beside Rudder Lake. Two facultative aerated lagoons are designed for average flows from a population of 6,000 persons.


Drinking Water Advisory Notice for those on Sodium Restricted Diets

March 4, 2020 – Thunder Bay District Health Unit

Sampling of this drinking water supply has revealed the presence of sodium at a concentration of 42.2 parts per million. The aesthetic objective for sodium is 200 parts per million, however sodium at concentrations above 20 parts per million may be a concern to those on sodium restricted diets.

Those individuals on a sodium restricted diet are encouraged to seek an alternate approved source of drinking water.

Please see attached notice for more information.

Sodium Water Advisory March 2020

Drinking Water Advisory Notice

All persons consuming water from the Manitouwadge Drinking Water System

Please be advised that recent water samples have shown sodium levels to exceed 20 mg/l. This is a concern for people who are on a sodium restricted diet.

Please ensure that an alternative source of drinking water such as bottled water is available for those who are required to limit their sodium intake.

This advisory will remain in effect until test results indicate that sodium concentration levels fall below 20 mg/l.

For more information, please see poster below:

Sodium Water Advisory Feb 2020