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The Finance/Treasury Department is responsible for the financial integrity of the municipality. The department is responsible for several financial activities such as preparation of operating and capital budgets for approval by Council, managing the Township’s property taxation, public utilities, accounts payable and accounts receivables systems, payroll and purchasing.

This section will explain who sets property taxes, where the information comes from upon which property taxes are based, who plays what role in the process leading from the creation of taxation policy to your tax bill, and many other tax questions.

For questions concerning market value, please contact the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation office (MPAC). Call 1-866-296-6722 or visit the MPAC Web site at


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Chris Townes
Property Tax & Utility Billing
T: (807) 826-3227 ext: 225


Suzanne Albrecht
Accounting Assistant
Accounts Payable/Payroll
T: (807) 826-3227 ext: 246


Receptionist/Cashier/Accounts Receivable
T: (807) 826-3227 ext: 221