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Government By-Laws & Policies By-Laws


The by-laws listed are provided for information purposes only, and the Township of Manitouwadge will not be responsible for their validity or completeness. Individuals wishing to quote from or use the by-laws should consult the Clerk’s Department to ensure they are current.


Adoption of Annual Estimates (Budget) 2019 (By-law 2019-12)

Animal Control – Prohibit Keeping of Certain Animals (By-law 94-18)

Animal Control – Part 1 (By-law 2019-17)
Animal Control – Part 2 (By-law 2019-17)

Appointment CAO/Clerk-Treasurer (By-law 2015-32)

Appointment Chief Building Official (By-law 2017-05)

Appointment Deputy Fire Chief (By-law 2017-03)

Appointment Fire Chief (By-law 2017-04)

Appointment Integrity Commissioner (By-law 2019-06)

Authority to Temporarily Close Roads (By-law 2003-07)



Cemetery (By-law 2014-21/2013-18)
Code of Conduct for Council Members (By-law 2019-07)



Disposal of Real Property (By-law 98-14/95-49)

Donations (Council) (By-law 95-47)



Expenses for Council and Staff (By-law 2016-04)



Fees and Charges 2019 (By-law 2019-03)

Firearms – Prohibit of (By-law 2017-08)

Fireworks – Prohibit & Regulate (By-law 2009-08)



Garbage – Collection/Removal/Disposal (By-law 2001-12/91-25)

Good Neighbour (By-law 2019-16)



Hawkers and Peddlers (By-law 95-42/89-36)

Heavy Traffic – Regulate and Prohibit Parking of (By-law 88-69)



Land Maintenance – Keep Manitouwadge Attractive (By-law 2019-15)



Motorized Snow Vehicle (By-law 2018-21)

Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (By-law 2000-28)



Noise (By-law 98-09)

Notices Provision (By-law 2007-42)



Off-Road Vehicle (By-law 2018-08)



Parking (By-law 2001-05/95-15)

Parking – Snow and Ice Control (By-law 95-12)

Procedural (Council) (By-law 2017-15)



Senior Tax Credit (By-law 2016-22)

Signing Authority (By-law 2016-30)



Tax Rates 2019 (By-law 2019-13)

Taxi (By-law 2014-16/88-08)

Titles for Members of Council (By-law 2000-16)

Transition Ratios 2019 (By-law 2019-14)



Water – To regulate the time, manner, extent and nature of outside water use (By-law 2004-19)

Water – To regulate the installation, repair, replacement, inspection or alteration of water meters & to establish a system of recourse and penalties (By-law 2019-09)

Water – Establish administrative procedures for the handling of water and sewer accounts (By-law 2006-32)



Zoning (By-law 89-25)

Zoning By-law Amendments:

R1 to C2-2 (New Zone -Residential to Highway Commercial) (By-law 2004-13)
Set-Back Requirements (By-law 97-33)
O1 to M1 (Open Space Recreational to Industrial Service) (By-law 96-38)
I to C1 (Institutional to General Commercial) (By-law 96-36)
M3 to I (New High School Property) (By-law 94-31)
Creating New Zone – Highway Commercial 2-1 (C2-1) (By-law 94-30)
Minimum Front Yard Requirements in R2-1 (By-law 93-47)
Permitted Uses in RU Area (Communication Services) (By-law 93-30)
Designating New Zone R2-1 (Agawa Gardens) (By-law 93-18)
Permitted Uses in RU Areas (By-law 92-50)
Variety Stores in C2 Zones (By-law 90-20)
Temporary Sleep Camps (Caramat Road/3 Years) (By-law 89-77)
Fence Heights (By-law 89-75)
RU to R1 (Lynx Ave Extention) (By-law 89-72)
O2 to R1 (Manitou Road Lakefront) (By-law 89-71)
R2 to R3 (Marten Ave) (By-law 89-33)
C1 to R2 (Lakeview Terrace) (By-law 89-13)
R1 to R2 (Block 76, McDonald Subdivision) (By-law 89-12)
O1 to R2 (School Board Apartments) (By-law 88-81)
R2 to I (Block B, Plan M-163) (By-law 88-43)
R2 to C1 (Forester Walk) (By-law 88-42)
R3 to R2 (Old Trailer Park) (By-law 88-41)
RU to R1 (Birdland Subdivision) (By-law 88-40)
O2 to I (Separate School) (By-law 87-33)