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Nominations Received (uncertified)

Government 2022 Municipal & School Board Elections Nominations Received (uncertified)

Who has filed nomination papers?


The following individuals have filed nomination papers with the Office of the Clerk. The nominees listed below are not official candidates until the Clerk has certified their nomination. This list will updated daily, or when nominations are received.

As per s.35 (1) of the Municipal Elections Act, prior to 4:00 p.m. on August 22, 2022, the Monday following Nomination Day, the Clerk shall examine each nomination filed and if satisfied the person is qualified to be nominated and that the nomination complies with the Act, the Clerk shall certify as such.



English Public School Board Trustee (Superior-Greenstone)

English Separate School Board Trustee (Superior North Catholic)

French Public School Board Trustee (Grand de l’Ontario)

French Separate School Board Trustee (Aurores Boreales)

Candidate profiles

A full list of registered candidates will be posted after the nomination period ends and the candidates have been certified by the Clerk.