Opportunities for Small Businesses

Opportunities for Small Businesses

Before starting a business within the Township of Manitouwadge, it is important to contact the Municipal office to discuss your business idea and determine if you will be operating in accordance with the local zoning and by-law requirements and to seek assistance with access to information regarding available business start-up financing.


The Clerk’s Department maintains a list of all current by-laws pertaining to zoning, signage, parking, permits and licenses. This information is important when you will be modifying your location in any way, putting up signage, or if you plan on operating a business out of your home.

Planning Department

The Planning Department in Manitouwadge maintains current zoning information and classifications. This is important whether you will be operating your business outside of your home or if you are looking for available commercial or industrial space. It is recommended that you contact the Planning Department directly to confirm that your business will be a “permitted use” within the zoning classification for your business.


The Economic Development Office has access to current financing and funding opportunities from the public and private sector and for both business expansions and start-ups.


You do not need a Municipal Business Licence to operate if your business is located within the boundaries of the Township of Manitouwadge.

Contact Information

Director, Community & Economic Development
P: (807) 826-3227 ext: 226
E: development@manitouwadge.ca

Joleen Keough
T: (807) 826-3227 ext: 223
E: clerk@manitouwadge.ca

Why Invest Here?

ndless possibilities to grow and prosper await you on the shores of beautiful Lake Superior, Ontario. Whether you are a long-time hospitality professional, or someone who is new to the industry, the North Shore is the place to be.

Manitouwadge boasts a wide range of industrial and commercial properties as well as high quality housing that is truly affordable. You can start your own business, relocate your existing business or buy a local business to make it your own. With assistance from our Economic Development Office, your dream of owning your own business or relocating to a new community can become a reality.

Manitouwadge is centrally located in Canada, half way between Sault Ste Marie and Thunder Bay. With access to the Trans Canada Highway, Manitouwadge is easy to get to and is in close proximity to both rail and freshwater port infrastructure.

Not only is Manitouwadge surrounded by lakes, waterfalls, trails, ski hills, and golf courses but we have access to everything that you would expect in a larger city like high speed internet and digital cellular technology so that you can have instant contact with anyone, anywhere in the world. With high speed internet availability through a number of IT providers, your online business transactions will be trouble-free.

Township of Manitouwadge
Box 910
1 Mississauga Drive
Manitouwadge, ON
P0T 2C0

General Inquiries

T: (807) 826-3227
F: (807) 826-4592

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