Economic Development

Economic Development

In general, economic development is the focus of federal, provincial, and local governments to improve our standard of living through the creation of jobs, the support of innovation and new ideas, the creation of higher wealth, and the creation of an overall better quality of life. Economic development is often defined by others based on what it is trying to accomplish. Many times these objectives include building or improving infrastructure such as roads; improving our education system through new schools; enhancing our public safety through fire and police service; or incentivizing new businesses to open a new location in a community.

Economic development often is categorized into the following three major areas:

  1. Governments working on big economic objectives such as creating jobs or growing an economy. These initiatives can be accomplished through written laws, industries’ regulations, and tax incentives or collections.
  2. Programs that provide infrastructure and services such as bigger highways, community parks, new school programs and facilities, public libraries or swimming pools, new hospitals, and crime prevention intiatives.
  3. Job creation and business retention through workforce development programs to help people get the needed skills and education they need. This also includes small business development programs that are geared to help entrepreneurs get financing or network with other small businesses.

How do we know if economic development is working? There are many ways to measure things for the various different economic development objectives that communities may have. We can measure many of the above efforts through improvements in average income of families, local unemployment rates, standardized testing and literacy results in children, leisure time and changes in life expectancy, or hospital stays.

Mayor and Council support economic development efforts in a number of ways. They are committed to providing quality services to the residents of Manitouwadge in a manner that is both efficient and cost effective.

The Economic Development Office facilitates the development and implementation of the Township’s economic development strategy while striving to be responsive to the economic interests and needs of residents, businesses and organizations located within the Municipality. The Office supports the creation of a sustainable and diverse business environment through innovative business attraction, development and retention strategies that support a growing and developing region while promoting the Municipality as a great place to live, work and play.

Economic Development Goals

  • Strengthen partnerships with the Manitouwadge business community;
  • Foster the growth of a diversified local economy, valuing creativity, entreprenuership and innovation;
  • Assist in retaining and expanding local businesses and promoting the creation of new jobs;
  • Encourage growth in the commercial and industrial areas;
  • Market Manitouwadge as an attractive destination for business development;
  • Ensure the Township’s plans and policies support the growth of Manitouwadge’s economy;
  • Attract and retain retirees and seniors to live in Manitouwadge;
  • Attract and retain young families and youth in Manitouwadge;
  • Attract and retain entrepreneurial and skilled workers to work and invest in Manitouwadge;
  • Encourage investments in amenities, facilities and infrastructure that supports local efforts to attract new residents to Manitouwadge;
  • Promote Manitouwadge to new Canadians who are considering to locate to Northern Ontario.

For further information on Economic Development Projects, please contact:

Director, Community & Economic Development
Township of Manitouwadge
P: (807) 826-3227 ext: 226

The Manitouwadge Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) works closely with the Township of Manitouwadge on economic development initiatives, particularly around tourism and outdoor recreation, business development and support to small business.

This independent corporation is governed by a group of local citizens dedicated to the growth and prosperity of the community.

The MEDC hosts an annual All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Jamboree the third Saturday in July which brings in many riders and visitors to the community. For more information and access to the registration forms, please visit their website: Play in the Extreme

Additionally, the MEDC has a small business loan program to support new and existing businesses who operate in Manitouwadge. For more information and access to the application form, please visit the MEDC website:

Township of Manitouwadge
Box 910
1 Mississauga Drive
Manitouwadge, ON
P0T 2C0

General Inquiries

T: (807) 826-3227
F: (807) 826-4592

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